Saturday, March 8, 2008


With my new creation the LS1 bmw on the road the Rx-7 was not being used. It was a fun car to build and drive but decided to clear out the driveway and sell it. By by Rx-7.

Here is my last view of it as it drove away with it's new owner

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On my drive to work which is a city/highway mix I'd get 22-25 MPG and that's steping on the gas when I get a chance. Only long trip I took with it was when I drove it from MI to VA. I was following my wife's maxima and I got better gas milage then her car. I don't remember what the milage was that time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Sale AD

Well it pains me to say it but it looks as my first engine swap car needs a new home. I had a lot of fun building this car and a lot of fun driving it. (build thread link in sig) However I have out grew the 2+2 layout and being a 2 door. yes I have kids. Anyway the car is up forsale. This is what it is:It is a '91 Rx-7 which I installed a Nissan V6 from a 2000 maxima and a 6 speed from a 350z. I started driving the car in mid 2004. I had a great time with it but I need a bigger car so I buit another car using a 4 door car.The motor in this car runs strong. It revs great etc. I don't know the actual miles but it came from a car that was wrecked after being on the road only 1 year (have the car fax). I installed the motor and have put 18,000 miles on it since. The trans is my second 350z trans as my first one had a grind in 3rd gear. The trans in it now is from a 2004 350z and shifts good. You can have the crappy as well with the car if you want it.The Chassis has the rear back seat in it giving it the 2+2 effect. I've also converted the motorized seatbelts to standard. The body has NO noticable rust. Body is SOLID. It has some mild dents on the RH fender from where a deer ran into the side of the car. Stupid deer. the door on the RH side has a shallow dent near the edge of it. Paint is fair for a car of this age. It's a little chalky in the pictures but would shine up nice. The paint on the fin and one head light cover is could use some help.Before I forget. A few that need attention. The Driverside rear caliper needs rebuilt/replaced as it is leaking. There is a leak in a heater hose just above the Driver side mainfold and I believe the fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced (takes it a bit to build fuel pressure prior to start). I've modified the car. The car has been modified. NO dealer will touch it. Most repair shops wil scratch their heads. This is for a guy that likes working on cars. I've modified the subframe, Steering shaft and the seatbelts. Therefore suitability for driving it on public roads is up to who owns it. The car does have a valid VA inspection sticker. Oh it has no ac, No power steering and no front swaybar. I still have the swaybar and with some customising I believe it could be installed. I just have not done it. Less than 5,000 miles ago I put in a new walburo fuel pump. I have 2 brand new front rotors still in their boxes, a new master cylinder and rebuild kit for the rear calipers that I have never installed and a new ball joint for the rh front. Also 2 additional rims (a different rx-7 style) and tires are included. What else. Oh yah the car has AGX adustable shocks all round. about 18,000 miles on them. Front tires are in good shape the rears are worn pretty good. I put new brake pads all round on it in October. So less than 2,000 miles on them I'd say. And about that time I put a new ball joint on the left front. About a year or so about I put the "toe elimniator" bushings in the rear of the car.Power Windows, sunroof, lights. All work. This Rx-7 has the 4 piston front brakes and vented front and rear disc. has a viscus limited slip diff. Racing beat mufflers (from my old rotary engine days).I'm sure there is more. Ask me questions if you are interested. Feel free to e-mail me at . I'm looking for $3,000 OBO. (can barely buy a tired out LS1 for that much) For the right price I am willing to seperate the drivetrain from the chassis if someone would rather go that way.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Unfortunately cutting and welding is a required part of putting a VQ into an Rx-7. There is not enough clearance between the hood, firewall, subframe, steering rack, trans mount locations, etc. I spent a LONG time agonizing over the problem prior to cutting and welding on the car. The motor mount differences between the FWD and RWD are not really an issue. The biggest problem is the nissan motors are front sump and the Rx-7 frame is best suited for a rear sump engine. Another issue is the coolant pipes that come out of the rear of the engine on both FWD and RWD models interfere with the firewall. I fixed that problem by moving the firewall . If you want to easier swap for a VQ into something I hear it fits pretty good into a nissan 240. Intake clearance may be an issue though. The 240 swaps I have seen used maxima motors with various solutions for the intake.VG's have totally different blocks (and are steel). If you want to bolt up a 350z trans you need to use a VQ engine.Thaniel

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'd rather call it resting quietly waiting for an update. Been a LONG time since I updated you on my project too by the look of it.I remodeled about every room in my house, replaced almost all the windows and....Oh probably more intersted in the car.We'll I've put about 8,000 miles on the car with the maxima motor driving it. Since I moved to VA I haven't had much time to work on the car but since I had a crapy starter set up. I did manage to put a 350z oil pan and windage tray on the car so I could use the 350z starter. I had to make a 1/2 inch spacer for the starter due to the fact my flywheel is different. I also had to make a bracket to hold the front crank sensor. All and all that turned out great and the starter works just like it should.Oh while I was at it I swapped out transmissions. The 350z trans I had ground horribly in 3rd gear. A common defect that wasn't really publically known about when I bought the transmission. Anyway I had purchased a 2004 tranmission which didn't have the defect. My brother and I installed the trans one night and finished about 11:30pm. When assembling the shifter I had the idea to shift it through the gears. Guess what it was locked up. I had heard of this before on other cars and I was thinking how STUPID I was for not checking prior to installing it. So we removed the trans again and managed to get the shift forks back in the right position and reinstall the trans. I think we were done a 1:30 or 2am or something. Install remove install all in one night. It was a bit of work for me anyway.The new trans shifts great. The starter set up is wonderful. I found the broken wire going to my front crank sensor that was causing stalling. Car was running great.Did I mention I hit a deer with it....Actually it didn't hurt it much. IT was night and it didn't break any of the lights just crinkled the passenger fender a little. Did knock the deer down though and it left some fur lodged in the front skirt. My cars not a show car anyway so I'm just driving it with the crinkled fender.I STILL do not have a sway bar on it, no P/s and No A/C. I want to rebuild the brakes. I haven't had it weighed (I feel bad about that) and I haven't gone to the track. WE only have 1/8 mile tracks near by and 1/8 mile time aren't respected enough for me to bother with the hassel.This year I have been dropping of my kids at school on the way to work. I have thought about purchasing a 4door car to drive as it would be more comfortable. I showed a picture of a 3 series BMW to my each of my kids seperately if they would like to ride to school in this car. Much to my surprize they both asked the exact same questions and gave the same answer. After seeing the car they asked "how fast does it go?" I told them that it would be about as fast as mommy's car (a nissan maxima) they each said No I'd rather go in red car. It as a proud day for me as a dad Now I'm thinking of a BMW with a LS1 engine. That might be the ticket. It's been done before too so I wouldn't be unique but it could be fun anyway. If I could just get my hands on a decent priced and decent condition 3 series BMW.......

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Well I finally did the move from Michigan to Virginia. I drove my Modified car down. 600miles. It did well. Nothing fell off or blew up. I got 26mpg which was better than my wife's maxima that was following me. Anyway...While driving I noticed expecially in cross winds that the back of the car seemed to wiggle around. I had originally thought the funny handling feel was due to all the modifications I had done to the car and lack of sway bar. However it felt like the tail wagging the dog so to speak. I am beginning to think it may be the toe control bushings in the back.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Glue I used is a 2 part epoxy from Devcon called Plastic Welder II. It says it is good for glueing nylon 6.6 which is a common material for intakes.